Three Waterline Square

A 34-story tower resembling multi-faceted crystals will contain residences with carefully expressed corners and gently sloping exterior walls that optimize surrounding views of water, park and city skyline. The tower is part of a 2.2 million-square-foot development with three residential towers, a public park and an extensive amenity program.

The Waterline Square project developed by GID Development Group encompasses three distinct residential towers situated within a new 2.6-acre park that links the block to the adjacent Hudson River Park on Manhattan’s Far West Side. Situated between two neighborhoods, the development offers residents expansive amenities in the vast below-grade Waterline Club, the outdoor Waterline Park as well as within each residential tower.

Each tower’s position and overall bulk were established as part of the redevelopment’s land use transformation and master plan. In compliance with the zoning envelope’s angular and offset planes that directly impacted the geometry of the individual buildings within the development, Three Waterline Square’s design creates a singular vertical object with a crystalline shape set in the landscape of glass towers along the Hudson River waterfront.

Seemingly random and varied patterning across multiple facets of angled glass accentuate the building, but this apparent randomness is the expression on the exterior facade of specific interior functions (living vs. sleeping vs. dining); the façade glazing and opaque panel arrangement is also driven by energy conservation and the framing of views of New York City and the Hudson River.

Three Waterline Square is comprised of 35 floors: 21 floors of rental apartments, 11 floors of condominiums, the top two of which are duplex penthouses, and two mechanical floors at the apex. The building has two separate lobbies for the condominiums and rental residences with connection to centralized Waterline Club amenities located below the park level. Condominium amenities include dining, catering, recreational and meeting spaces at the 22nd floor, as well as a terrace, all offering views to the Hudson River and the park below. These spaces as well as second-floor rental apartment amenities are intended to serve as expanded living spaces for all residents.

There are two retail spaces at the North and South of the Building. The North Retail space is planned as a restaurant with exterior seating adjoining the landscaped park while the South Retail space is planned as a commercial space facing the street.

The top of the building, where the angular massing of the tower converges to an apex so that there is no “roof”, the mechanical floors include energy recovery equipment as well as a retractable building maintenance unit that is completely concealed by the envelope of the building.