The New Standford Hospital Groundbreaking

Viñoly announces the official “Groundbreaking” of the New Stanford Hospital, as part of the Stanford University Medical Center: Project Renewal. This past Wednesday, May 1, University and medical center leadership gathered at an event to mark this milestone in the project’s construction and design, scheduled for completion in 2017. The new hospital will be open for patient care in early 2018.

Stanford Hospital & Clinics, requiring a new, state-of-the-art facility, selected viñoly for its unique approach to health-care design. Rather than creating the typical base-and-tower hospital building, the firm proposed a modular plan that can be easily adapted for a variety of uses, thus allowing both for incremental expansion of the hospital building and a horizontal development strategy that complements the low- rise, courtyard-oriented campus context of Stanford University and its Medical Center.

“This project represents an unprecedented endeavor in the hospital’s successful 50-year history of healing humanity. By reinterpreting and updating the Stanford campus and the original hospital through a modular plan, it is poised to adapt to evolving medical technology while continuing to provide advanced care and treatment – in a healing environment unique to Stanford – to patients from surrounding communities and beyond.” – Rafael Viñoly