Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo

The Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo is a multi-disciplinary environment that aims to inspire industry leaders, ranging from design firms to healthcare owners, to evoke change and the advancement of a better delivery of healthcare through the physical space.

Viñoly’s partner, Chan-li Lin recently participated in a speaking engagement centered on the Viñoly-designed University of Chicago Medicine’s Center for Care and Discovery – a LEED Silver hospital consisting of 1.2 million square feet and is recognized as one of the nation’s most modern clinical and surgical centers dedicated to specialty care and research in areas such as cancer, orthopedics, gastrointestinal disease, neuroscience, advanced surgery, and high-tech medical imaging. The discussion raised the paradox of the growth of technology and ease of collaboration, with the demand for new healthcare facilities that are more robust, sophisticated, and sustainable, requiring designers and engineers to think smart and fast while hedging risks and exceeding the expectations of healthcare experts around the globe.

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